5 Things To Do Before Settling Down

For some of us, settling down is simply a part of our transition into adulting. Often, however, we rush into the idea of love and unfortunately many times, that “love” turns out to be nothing but an idea. Don’t get me wrong, the mistakes we make in love are a great way to learn right […]

Party Outfit Ideas

Hey beauty lovers, I was requested to write a post providing party outfit ideas. I came up with 3 different outfits which include a dress, an outfit with shorts, and an outfit with jeans. So whatever your event may be, one of these outfits will work! I find this dress to be so cute! You […]

DIY Cleaning Mask

Hey there beauty lovers, In the midst of summer there is no better time to give you all a great DIY cleansing mask for your face. I have tried so many masks for acne, oil, blackheads, etc. and some have been great and some not so much. But I find this mask to be so […]

Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body Shape

Hey there beauty lovers, Summer has officially started,which means it’s time for beachy waves, tan lines, and sandy toes. But if you feel you’re not “beach body” ready, don’t get discouraged! I have a guide for you to find the best swimsuit for your body shape. Now, these are just suggestions to accentuate your body […]

The Secret To Perfect Skin

Hey there beauty lovers, Ever wonder why there are people who look absolutely flawless even without make up? Well, yes botox and fillers can help achieve this but if you don’t have the money or simply don’t want to get anything cosmetic done, don’t worry, I’m here to help! Like I said in my Rainforest […]

6 Guidelines To Skin Care While Traveling & Changes Of Climate

Hey beauty lovers, I recently got back from a trip to Colorado where I was able to experience snow for the first time! It really is such a beautiful place, but I did notice a few issues with my skin while I was there, so I decided to write an article to give you a […]

The Shoe Guide

Hey beauty lovers, With so many shoe types out there I thought it would be a good idea to give you all a little guide. Gladiator sandals are all the rage at the moment, especially gladiator boots, so give them a try this summer! Ballerina flats, Mary Janes, and jelly’s are perfect for making an […]

Rainforest of the Sea by Tarte Review

Hey beauty lovers, I was recently complimented on the smoothness of my skin and I wanted to share my secret kick-ass foundation! Well that foundation is Rainforest of the Sea by Tarte. I went to Sephora and received a free sample of it…which I’m never really to fond of because I tend to put them […]

5 Cosas Que Debes Hacer Antes De Casarte

Para algunos de nosotros, casarnos es simplemente una parte de nuestra transición hacia el mundo de ser adulto. Sin embargo, muchas veces nos apresuramos en la idea del amor y desafortunadamente muchas veces ese “amor” resulta ser solo una idea. Está de más decir, los errores que cometemos en el amor son una gran manera […]