Short, sweet, and to the point.

Even as a little girl, watching the commercials on Tv about toys, Barbies, and all kinds of stuff, I was fascinated by the ability to capture the attention of people and pursing them into buying things – yeah I know, not very typical thoughts for little girls. I guess I wasn’t your average child but it did push me into pursing a Marketing career.

Adveritsing has changed so much throughout the years. So much really, that it takes a truly creative mind to come up with cool, fun ways of promoting! I love being able to get into the mind of the audience and creating content that will help spark interest in whatever product, or service I am promoting (hence my degree in Psychology).

Everything from headlines to email copy, or flyers and brochures, I LOVE writing for it! The design aspect is really fun too and I’ve dabbled into it a bit ( I created all the designs for the work in my portfolio along with the copy). So, if you’re looking for someone who genuinely loves to write copy, someone who is detail oriented, organized, and witty, I am your girl!


A Reminiscence of My Work

  • Flower Child Boutique
  • Lemonade Tv – video production company
  • Mastercard
  • Miami Shoot Magazine
  • Alessandro Fashion
  • Galo’s Auto Dimension

Let’s talk!

786.972.0872 or huguethgalo@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hugueth-galo-765491112/

Fun, Random things About Me!

  1. I love everything that has to do with makeup and fashion.
  2. Speaking of, I own way, way, wayyyyy too much of both.
  3. When attending undergraduate school, I was so close to pursing a career as a teacher that I got a job as a teacher-assistant…needless to say I didn’t enjoy it.
  4. I broke my arm when I was 5 years old….on Christmas Eve (fun night at the hospital).
  5. I am shamefully addicted to reality Tv.
  6. I have a cat named Kitty –  oh, the irony of a copywriter not coming up with a witty name.
  7. Music and Tv have been my biggest inspirations when creating anything.
  8. The human factor should always be considered.
  9. I have a horrible habit of using social media as my news source.
  10. I finally downloaded a news source app.